The Lisciarelli Family

I was not ready to send my baby girl to pre-school.  Due to economic conditions I needed to go back to work.  The very first day I took her to Chaparral Christian Pre-School she loved it – and I loved it.  Every teacher and staff member feels like an extention of our family.  Our daughter loves going to school every day.  The teachers are warm and caring.  Nicole the director is an active participant with the kids, a compassionate leader and is always available to answer questions.  We give Chaparral Christian Pre-School 11 out of 10 stars.  Thank you everyone for making this transition and new chapter in our families life the very best it could have been.  We will never forget you!

Kathleen Trapp

Our boys have had a great kindergarten year at Chaparral Christian. The teachers truly care about each and every student. It is a fun, engaging environment where children are excited to learn!

Caroline H.

My daughter loves this school and would go everyday if she could.  The teachers are so positive and encouraging, it is a great place for children to learn and grow.  The teachers really love and understand children and how to teach them and help them discover and learn.  We are so glad we found this school.

Jennifer and Stuart

I chose Chaparral for my first child for the location, reasonable tuition rates and fatih based instruction. We returned again with our second child for the loving atmosphere, quality teachers, excellent curriculum, fun yearly traditions and overall wonderful program. We will again return with our youngest who just turned one, as soon as he’s ready! We look forward to the years ahead

Anne W.

I thought the reasonable price at CCPK might mean lesser quality.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!  I’ve utilized a number of preschools (we’ve moved a bit) and this one has impressed me the most.  The calibur and stability of the staff; the incredible attention paid to making the children’s experience enjoyable, nurturing, and stimulating; and the school’s overall educational philosophy has all wowed me, to put it mildly.  Indeed, the incredible guest speakers, special events, and positive energy at this place all confirm this is where I want my child to experience school for the first time.  I made the rounds of checking-out the preschools in the area and I’m so glad I chose CCPK.”

Aimee & Kenneth

Our three children have attended CCPK from age 3yrs-Kindergarten.  As the owners of Xtreme Gymnastics and Cheer, we are well aware of the importance of providing children a nuturing and positive environment.  CCPK provides just that.

The insturctors are knowledgeable and really gear into each child’s individual needs and talents. You could not ask for a better place for your children to grow and learn during their critical developmental years.

Thank you CCPK, for being a part of our village that raises our children in the Christian values that we hold so dear.